3D SCANNING and PHOTOGRAMMETRY SCANNING can only produce a point cloud which has millions of points reflected from the object in 3D space.

These 3D points are then connected to each other to form a mesh of triangles covering the surface of the model being scanned. This part of the process is done automatically by computer software to create what is called an .stl file.

Then each triangle on the surface can then also be colored or painted by the computer to make the triangles appear to be a solid object for a visual look on the screen.

3D Scanning Services is only needed when the model has Free Form shapes involved in the design. A general “rule” is that scanning is better for organic shapes and digitizing is most accurate and much faster for geometric shapes.

3D Scanning also known as Reverse Engineering or Reverse Modelling and can also be used to create 3D CAD. This process can get quite simple if you do not need a Complex Free Form shape, like a flowery design, to follow the shape of the model accurately in a Solid format.

Very reflective materials, transparent and black objects generally do not scan very well. This can be aided with a light coating of off-white powder or water soluble spray.

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